Upgrade Your Kitchen Sink With These Add-Ons and Accessories

Kitchen SinkEverything but the kitchen sink? Not with these add-ons and accessories. Today, homeowners have more options than ever when it comes to kitchen sink upgrades. Check out a few of our favorite options below!

Hot Taps

By installing an instant hot tap, you’ll never again have to wait for a kettle to heat water when you’re craving a cup of tea. The tap gives you access to piping hot water through a small heater that fits under your kitchen sink. Some even have extra features, like water purifiers.


Want to hand-wash and air-dry dishes with ease? Get a drainboard. Drainboards are sloped boards or surfaces recessed into the countertop next to the sink. They keep countertops clean and dry by channeling water directly into the sink and down the drain. Drainboards have been popular for years in Europe, and are becoming more popular in American kitchen designs today.

Water Purifiers

With more people expressing concern about the condition of their tap water, built-in water filtration units are becoming a must-have kitchen upgrade. Built-in water purifiers remove impurities such as heavy metals, limescale, pesticides, fluoride and chlorine, and are a cinch to install. Plus, your tap water will taste better.

Faucet Sprayers

Whether you choose a “pull down” faucet, with a head that pulls down into the sink (great for filling tall pots and pitchers), or a “pull out” style, which pulls straight out (fantastic for small spaces), faucet sprayers are a popular upgrade. If your sink lacks an integrated spray head faucet, you can get a side spray, which looks like a second, smaller faucet.

If you’re getting ready to upgrade the kitchen or bathroom of your Houston-area home, the talented team at Kitchen & Bath Wizards would be happy to lend a hand. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your on-site design consultation today!