How Did Sous Vide Cooking Become So Popular?

If you’ve browsed any restaurant menus or recipe blogs lately, you’ve probably heard of sous-vide cooking. How did this nearly 50-year-old technique, formerly exclusive to chefs’ kitchens, become so popular?

What is Sous Vide Cooking?

In French, the term “sous vide” means “under vacuum,” which is exactly how it works. Fresh ingredients are combined to create complete dishes, which are then vacuum-packed into individual portions. The packs are cooked in water for a long time at a precise, controlled temperature.

Back in the day, only upscale restaurant kitchens could afford the equipment necessary for sous-vide cooking. Today, however, there are many products that make sous-vide cooking accessible to home cooks.

Why is It So Popular?

Here’s why sous-vide cooking is so popular:

  • Sous-vide cooking produces perfectly cooked, tender vegetables and unbelievably succulent and juicy meats. The technique is known for cooking food evenly and consistently—no more overdone edges and rare centers.
  • With the right equipment, sous-vide cooking is hands-off, making it perfect for dinner parties and busy days.
  • Once you master it, sous-vide cooking is pretty fool-proof.
  • It’s a more nutritious way to cook than other methods, since you don’t need to add much fat. It also helps vegetables retain their nutritional value. Other cooking methods that involve high heat tend to break down good-for-you fiber and antioxidant compounds.

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