Is Refinishing Really Cheaper Than Replacing?

The national average cost to replace a bathtub is about $3,000-$4,000. The expense is in removing the tub, since it is generally attached to three walls. The process requires a plumber, drywall worker, painter, tile setter and floor man; it can take two weeks to complete. It also creates quite a mess. By comparison, refinishing is a fraction of the cost and requires only 5-6 hours of time.

How Does The Refinished Tub Compare To The Original Porcelain Finish?

Our finish is hands down the best on the market and is as good as an original porcelain finish, in many ways it is superior, according to a test by the National Bureau of Standards which tested our finish. In fact, the government standards for refinishing tubs are based on our system and materials. In testing, the original procelain gave way before our finish did. The finish is more resistant to acids and non-abrasive cleaners than even the original porcelain. It also has a ten-year scrub life, and depending on the under-surface, carries a five-year warranty. It carries a 70+ solids coating rating, and is available in any color (unlimited custom colors). It also takes up to 350 degrees of temperature before scorching.

What Types Of Surfaces Can Be Refinished?

Not only porcelain and fiberglass, but also ceramic tile, cultured marble, laminate, wood, steel and other surfaces can be refinished with the same process.