Different Styles of Kitchen Eating Areas

You’re looking to remodel your kitchen, and you have some pretty good ideas on what styles of cabinets and countertops you’d like, but there is one aspect you’re missing. You still haven’t figured out what your kitchen eating area is going to be.

Kitchen Eating Area for Your Needs

One thing to decide is how you like to eat. If you have a bigger family with kids, quicker meals are usually the way you go about your day until dinnertime rolls around. If you already have a dining room, then your kitchen eating area will be much different.

Here are some ideas on kitchen eating areas to fit your needs:

Kitchen Islands – Having a kitchen island gives you meal prep space, an eating area, and a multi-purpose area for a stovetop, dishwasher, or sink. This is perfect for having kids and eating breakfast and lunch. Putting in stools around the island will work great for eating in the kitchen.

Kitchen Booth – This style works great for smaller homes with smaller kitchens. If you’re looking to utilize the space you have while remodeling, a kitchen booth is the perfect choice. It works just as a dining booth would, and you can install one off to the side next to a window.

kitchen table remodel

Farmhouse Table – If you’re opening up your kitchen and have more space, a farmhouse table would work perfectly. This gives you a dining table that you can utilize in your kitchen. This does not mean you don’t need a dining room. It works for bigger family meals, such as Sunday morning breakfast!

Kitchen Nook – A kitchen nook is a smart choice when you’re looking to utilize all the space you have in a smaller kitchen. a nook can work as a booth up against a wall under a kitchen window, while adding a small round or square table for meals for breakfast or lunch. You can also add cabinet space underneath.

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