Are Butcher Block Countertops Right for Your Kitchen?

Butcher BlockButcher block countertops have long been popular options in high-end kitchen design, but are they right for your kitchen? Every home is different, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Easy to clean: Butcher block countertops are a breeze to clean. All you need is soap and water.
  • Easy to repair minor damage: Scratches, scorch marks and stains are easy to sand away. Just be sure to apply a protective coating of mineral oil when you’re done.
  • Complement any décor: Whether you’ve got a contemporary loft or a restored Victorian, butcher block countertops can effectively complement any style.
  • A warm, inviting look: Natural wood countertops will make your kitchen look warm and cozy on even the coldest of winter days.
  • Reduce noise: Butcher block countertops can dull all the chopping, banging and clashing noises you’re bound to make when cooking up a big meal.


  • Easy to scratch: It’s always a good idea to use a cutting board when you have butcher block countertops, since scratches and dents can accumulate over time.
  • Some maintenance required: You’ll need to properly seal your butcher block countertops to prevent staining, bacteria and mold growth. In addition to regular sanding and coating with mineral oil, you’ll need to refinish your countertops every 10 to 20 years.
  • Potential cost: There are many different types of butcher block countertops out there, and some can be quite expensive.

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