3 Signs You Know It’s Time to Refinish Your Bathtub

As we enter the new year, it is the perfect time to start some home improvement projects. What better place to start than your bathtub? If you walk into your bathroom and notice that your tub is lacking its original luster, it may be time to give it an upgrade. Great news, updating your tub does not require you to start over completely. For less money and less of a mess, you can create an entirely new look that is perfect for you by refinishing your bathtub.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Bathtub

bathtub refinishing from Kitchen & Bath Wizards


Chipping is very common among many household bathtubs. It may be caused by dropping a heavy object onto the surface, or by using harsh cleansers. By exposing your tub to these conditions, it is prone to deteriorate and lessen the appeal of the room.

When the under-barrier surface of the tub is exposed, this increases the likelihood of rust or water damage. Also, depending on the location of the chipping, there is potential to cause discomfort during your shower or bath.



Do you ever walk into your bathroom, and something looks off? One day your bathtub is pearly white, and suddenly it’s starting to resemble a yellowish tint. The discoloration is common, but unfortunately, hard to remove.

Often, harsh cleansers, waters, soap scum, and rust are common causes of discoloration. Also, the age of the refinishing glaze may contribute to the discoloration of your tub as well. No amount of cleaning will be able to bring your original shine back. However, bathtub refinishing can be a simple, long-term fix.


You Desire a Simple Change

Whether you’re a long term or a brand-new homeowner, you may have purchased a home where you may not have had control over the bathroom interior. If it’s finally time for that change, Kitchen & Bath Wizards satisfies every style preference with an unlimited amount of colors to choose from.

With Kitchen & Bath Wizards, there is no need to break the bank by purchasing a brand-new tub. The simple, quick, and cost-efficient solution is to refinish your bathtub. All that is required by you is to target what needs to be changed, and we will create a fresh new look that is perfect for you. For more information about our bathtub refinishing services or for scheduling an estimate, call us today.